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Thank you hoe

It is Christmas night, and I cant stop thinking about the warm of my island Puerto Rico and the long Summer nights in Virginia. I miss all of that. After 7 years living in Virginia I cannot find a way to get used to the cold Winters. Specially tonight in when the temperature is 7 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but it feels like minus 4. I have never been in a temperature lower than zero. So today I decided to get my hands dirty working with plants in my studio just to feel like Spring. However, the soil I was working with, even when it was potting soil was completely frozen in my plant studio. So what else can I do with no plants to attend today?

Be thankful.


Yes, just do a list of things to be thankful in 2022. Before the year is over, I want to practice a thankfulness exercise just to appreciate the good and the bad that has happened in this year.

Passion for Plants

Specially passionfruit. This year I started my little passionfruit plant campaign. I started with about 600 plants and I think I may be down to less than 100. All of them are inside my house. so you can imagine the flies everywhere. But they still alive an well and selling good with great reviews on Etsy. It has been a blessing having an unexpected product that people want slowly but steadily and that keeps my shop alive. Although the sales are not enough for me to retire from my day shop, they are enough to keep me inspire and pay the business credit card.

Losing my House

That is not something that I should be thankful for, but I am. I learned so much about me and my fiancé and how strong and beautiful our love/relationship is. It was difficult to live in a hotel, that actually felt like a dorm. But we made it alive out of there, even with the obnoxious neighbors that party all night or interfere in your live unnecessarily. I learned my strength to keep working hard on my business thus the adversity. I learned how it feels to be in a small tornado. And NO! I don't recommend it. I learned what is to loose but to be reborn stronger. We lost almost 50% of our house, but this week we will get completion of the reconstruction and for that I got to be thankful.

Depression and Fertility Journey

This year I fell in a harsh depression due to intense stress at my day work during Covid-19. Also I learned this year that I am somewhat infertile. And for all of that believe or not I am thankful. I went through my first surgery to fix my fertility issue which has done nothing. But I am standing tall (well I am not too tall but you get it). And strong. This last depression and having to spend so much time out of my day job gave me the opportunity to reestablish my ambitions and goals. Now I have to visualize the possibility of having a beautiful relationship with no kids. It still break my heart but then this year instead of planning to buy diapers I may just plan to do THE wedding of my dreams.

I know this is are weird things to be thankful for but that is the great thing about life. There is always a silver lining to everything.

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