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Quick Passionfruit Care Sheet

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

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Quick Passionfruit Care Sheet

Common Name(s)

Passionfruit, purple granadilla, yellow passionfruit, water lemon, passionfruit vine

Scientific Name

Passiflora edulis

Days to Harvest

180 days

USDA Zones

9-11 can be planted outdoors

8 zones or lower, the plant should be planted indoors during Winter Season before the first frost. The plant should be brought outdoors during Summer time once all danger of frost has passed.


Full sun to part shade

If planted indoors the plant should have supplemental grow lights or should be planted in front of a window facing south.




Well-draining, loamy, and fertile


The plant should be transplanted to a 5 gallon or more planter.

Use commercial potting mix soil.




2-4 times a year, high potassium

Pinching and Trimming

Do not be scared of trimming this plant. This plant is a vigorous grower once established and well taken care of.

Pests - Caterpillars, root knot nematodes, snails

Diseases - Woodiness virus, fusarium wilt

Preventive Disease Control

Neem Oil every other week

Bring the plant outdoors during Summer time to allow the pollinators to do their job in order to get Passion Fruit.

Enjoy your harvest and please send us pictures to or Instagram: @RakeDaHoe

Thank you for trusting our new business.

Melissa Ruiz Rivera, Co-Founder

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